Inspiration, Influence and Imagination

Patricia Piccinini creates full-scale and hyper-realistic sculptures which explore the boundaries of humanity and our potential future with genetic modification. Her work is both disgusting and beautiful,  imploring the viewer to question just what it means to be human.

Arnaldo Morales uses industrial parts and materials to create interactive sculptures with pointedly violent and dangerous-feeling results. His body of work is an exquisite demonstration of the affect technology and industrial design can have in art, as well as a powerfully political statement about violence.

Bob Basset is a master craftsman who creates stunning and occasionally disturbing masks with leather, brass and various other materials as need be.

Patrick Lowry is an up-and-coming metal fabricator and artist whose skill and imagination creates fun and whimsical ways to live one's life; check out one of his ongoing bicycle-fabrication projects here.

Arthur Ganson creates kinetic, mechanical sculptures, frequently building gears and cogs out of bent wire. His pieces range from whimsical to deeply conceptual, and their slow pace can lull a viewer into an almost hypnotized state with their complex but repetitive motions.

Jimmy Diresta is an artist and craftsman (maker) who's broad range of skills and projects and his willingness to share his techniques inspire many to get their hands dirty and make something.

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