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I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and grew up with a passion for building and working with my hands. I have developed this passion further into a love for all things handcrafted and mechanical. I enjoy working with metal and ceramics as well as other materials. The romance of substances created and manipulated with patience, finesse and heat fuels my desire to create. 
I want to push materials to their limits and test my own skills, attempt projects that are said to be impossible. I have an infatuation with humanity and often incorporate history and ‘future history’ into my work.
I hope to spend my life creating beautiful things and exercising my imagination, helping grow a mature and sustainable culture and nurturing a love for the handmade.
I'm currently pursuing and Bachelors degree in Fine Arts at the University of New Mexico, as well as attempting to make a living with my skills. While this is my personal blog it is also part of my new venture to provide fabrication and design services, as well as sell my art under the banner of Burning Beard Fabrication. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas.

Services and Contact

Burning Beard Fabrication offers numerous metal fabrication and design services. From utilitarian objects like gates and tables with an artistic flair to sculpture and jewelry, if there is anything you want but can't find in the store (or maybe you can find it in the store, but you want something of higher quality) please contact us. You can also visit the Etsy store, where many things you see on the blog are available for sale.






-Metal Casting

-Sheet metal


Email- BurningBeardFab@Gmail.Com

Located in Albuquerque NM.

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