Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Teenage Dream

Making real progress on my motorized bicycle, the Teenage Dream. After riding it happily for a while I became weary of the single speed setup the kit comes with, knowing that there were kits to run the motor through the bikes existing gearing system I decided to make my own setup.
Power comes from the motor to a jackshaft which brings it from the left side to the right (where the transmission is), from there it travels via pulley down do another axle where the chain finally sends power to the back wheel. The pedals have been eliminated, I plan to bump start it until a pull-starter can be worked out.
Fabrication of the lower pulley had already been documented, but making the sprockets and bearing brackets were quite challenging.
Also visible in this photo are the fire extinguisher fuel tank and the ported exhaust pipe, which will soon be modified with a tuned resonance chamber for more power.
It all still looks like a bit of a mess but it will come together into a fun little scoot I believe.

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