Thursday, September 16, 2010

My garage and the bike

My garage:
You clearly don't need a huge equipped space to make some cool stuff and have fun. Though I should tidy up a bit.
The bike:
1982 Yamaha XS400.
Done so far:
Stripped of all unnecessary body parts and accesories (fenders, turn signals, ugly head and taillights, hideous handlebars)
Replaced gas tank with one from a Suzuki GS450 for better looks.
Modified frame rear of shock mounts.
Mounted electronics under seat.
Begun handmade aluminum bum-stop seat.
New clubman handlebars courtesy of my neighbor Justin.
Oh, and got it running, it had sat for a few years.

Still to do:
Finish seat.
Build battery box.
Hook up hand-controls.
Mount headlight.
Hide unsightly wiring.
New chain and tires also called for.

The new rear frame:

The welds are a little ugly, but its strong enough to stand on and lift the bike by so it's strong enough for me. I drilled and tapped holes in the cross-brackets to mount the electronics.

Also, my other bike project, on the back-burner currently as it needs way more work. The 1966 Benelli 125:

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