Friday, September 24, 2010

Seat Part III

I changed the plan for the seat slightly, and cut off the arms. The hump still needs some finish work, massaging the bumps and wrinkles out.
But now that it's mostly finished, I started on the pan, the actual part which will be padded and sat upon. I started by clamping the hump in place, and making a paper pattern.

I also cut a relief in the middle to clear some of the electronics which are mounted under the seat.
The pattern needed trimming to get close:

Next I transferred the pattern to paper and cut it out:
Notice the electrical tape I placed on the border of the pattern, this extra width will let me fold the pan down to cover the frame and look nicer.
I will cut the relief for the electronics in the metal later.

Kind of looks like a headstone, no?

After some trimming, mocked in place, looks pretty good:

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