Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bicycle Trailer

I love to cycle, and i should ride to school more often, especially since its only a few miles away and parking fees are outrageous. The problem has been that as a sculpture student I'm required to bring tools with me to class, and if I want to do homework I have to bring the tools back, the weight of the tools has prohibited me from cycling with them. But that's no longer acceptable, I've committed to riding as much as possible. 
My solution to the cargo problem: trailer.  Sure, there are plenty of trailers available for purchase, but they can be expensive and kind of dorky. Why buy what you can build? This just a simple wheeled platform fitted to carry my largest toolbox and maybe a little extra.
I started with a piece of electrical conduit, which I bent into a rectangle with rounded ends.

I did this with a simple conduit bender, available at most hardware stores. After the bending I just trimmed the extra piece and welded the ends together.

The frame fits the toolbox just right, so next I bent each end upward to make a cradle.

I did this with the conduit bender again, but since the sides are all connected I had to do each side incrementally, bending one side slightly end then the other slightly more. Once that was done I cut 1/4" bar into sections and welded then across the two sides. I will use bungee cords to secure the box while traveling.

The platform is now done and ready for wheels and a hitch.

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