Monday, December 24, 2012

Pulley Fever II

Previously on Conjectural Technologies...
I cut a single two-groove pulley in half, making two pulleys.
And now the continuation...
Because this was a harmonic balancer the hub was pressed in with a rubber ring between it and the pulley, knocking it out with a sledge was easy.

Then I traced the core's outside diameter onto steel.

Which I cut out and welded into the pulley.

Now to find the center of my new pulley, I clamped a nail in the vise (checking that it was 90° straight up), and placed the pulley over it, adjusting it by hand at first and then tapping it with a small piece of steel bar until it balanced on the nail.

I eyeballed the pulley as being level, as close as I could get it, then hit it with a hammer so the nail underneath would leave a mark, like a center punch.

This is definitely a primitive way to do this, using appropriate tools it could be achieved with less work and greater accuracy, but I'm working with what I've got.
Next up use to put a 3/4" hub in the center for the axle.

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