Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Salvage Yard

We visited the scrap yard of Coronado Wrecking and Salvage, here in Albuquerque. They demolish and haul away buildings (or what-have-you) and many of the materials end up in their salvage yard, which is open to the public six days a week. It's a bit hard to find but once you know the way it's quite easy, simply sign in at their office an explore the yard in your vehicle or on foot. I went with some friends and classmates we were looking for steel tubing, chain, sheet metal, and inspiration. We found most of these things, and more:

The yard is quite large.

They have some great views.

See much more after the break:

They had plenty of large timber

As well as structural steel.

An expansive collection of machines, like compressors...



and axles. 
Thy have large tanks.

Very large tanks.

Something hit this pretty hard to cause that dent, scrape ad partially sheared rivet.
If you get tired you can take a seat.

Or visit the cafeteria.

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