Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Art Deco Dieselpunk Goggles

To make the arms of the goggles I riveted two pieces of brass together and sanded them to the same shape, then I drew the design I wanted onto the metal.

I used a jewelers saw to cut them apart.

Leaving them riveted together until I sanded the freshly cut areas so that they would stay identical

These pieces will attach to the brass brackets I made earlier.

 Next I cut leather to back the arms with.

Unfortunately I cut two pieces for the same side. Oops.

The leather is side-specific because the texture is very different on each side, one is more like suede, but I want to smoother side to be visible and against the skin..

The arms were riveted to the brackets.

Then I traced the eye pattern onto the brass mesh and cut it out with hand shears.

One lens in place.

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