Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meat Pod: The Meatening

With the steel pieces formed, fitted, and clamped together, I tack welded a few spots inside to hold the whole structure together.

Ran out of MIG wire and had to oxyacetylene a few tacks.
Then I applied automotive body-filter putty to the interior to hide some seams, the interior of the outside texture, and the tack welds.

While the Bondo was curing I drilled holes along all the adjacent outer seams.

And started threading copper wire through the holes.

Once the Bondo had set I sanded it roughly and sponged black paint over the whole interior.

Then I glued in the silicone 'meat' I had made to the inside.

And it was ready to display, hanging from water pipes by copper and aluminum braided wire.

Needs more meat.

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